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Worry Doll - Worry Skull Hug

Worry Doll - Worry Skull Hug

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Tradition Believes at Midnight on October 31st the Gates of Heaven Open and The Spirits of The Children Can Rejoin Their Families... But Only For 24 Hours.

Some Children Might Find This Time of The Year a Little Frightening with Stories of Ghosts and Ghouls or Monsters Under the Bed. Take Their Worries Away with A Worry Doll Skull Hug...

Legend As It Guatemalan Children Tell Their Worries to The Worry Doll and Place It Under Their Pillow at Night, By the Morning Their Worries Have Been Taken Away.

Our Day of The Dead Worry Doll Skull Hug Is Designed to Be Given as A Gift, The Card Is Blank on The Back So You May Write A Personal Message While The Doll Can Be Carried In A Pocket and Hugged and Spoken To When Needed.

Please Note - Photos are for illustration purposes only.  Actual product may differ slightly in design each worry doll is individually handmade in Guatemala. This is a fair trade product.

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