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Tourmalinated Quartz Point

Tourmalinated Quartz Point

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Tourmalinated Quartz – Grounding, Balance & Transform Negative Energy

Tourmalinated Quartz is a great crystal to have around the home for shielding negative energy and creating balance.

Crystals cut into or naturally formed points are also called crystal towers or generators, the point allows the crystal to directly focus energy from the termination point it is through this point the crystal aids us to intensify our energy and intentions.

Crystal points can be used to raise the vibrations in any location. Place them on your alter or any sacred space or corner of any room in your home. These standing points also make great central stones in crystal grids. 

We will receive the tourmalinated quartz point as pictured.

Weight approx. 75grams
Height approx. 56mm
Base approx. 31mm

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