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Onyx Castle

Three Kings Charcoal Discs

Three Kings Charcoal Discs

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Enhance your rituals with ease using Three Kings Charcoal, These charcoal discs quickly spark and stay lit for 45mins - an hour. Discs are ideal for burning incense, dried herbs, resins & powders.

10 Discs Per Roll.

Burning Tips:
- Use with care and caution.
- To ignite charcoal, hold (tongs are highly recommended) carefully against a candle or lighter flame it usually takes 10-20 seconds to ignite.
- Place ignited disc in a heat proof bowl/container or brass incense burner, glass containers are to be avoided due to high burning temperature.
- Sprinkle a small pinch of your incense/herbs/resin etc on to the disc.
- Treat your disc as you would a candle or lit incense avoiding flammable materials and drafts.
- Never touch burning charcoal with your bare hands.
- Charcoal disc can be snuffed using a large spoon full of sand.

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