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Onyx Castle

Talisman For Hope (Cancer Support)

Talisman For Hope (Cancer Support)

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Recently The Onyx Castle family was touched deeply by cancer, this lead to our creating our Talismans of Cancer Support. 

Our Talisman Is Intended To Be Taken With You To Appointments, Treatment, Hospital, Used During Meditation, It Can Be Carried On You In A Pocket or Handbag or Placed Beside Your Bedside Table, You May Use Your Crystals In Which Ever Manner You Find Most Soothing/Supportive.

We've created our Talisman For Hope by hand picking these crystals, each as been chosen for it's unique properties which may aid/support those diagnosed with cancer.

❤️ Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is at the core of heart healing, it promote positive energy and inner love. Rose quartz is known for healing breast cancer, as well as cancers of the thymus, heart, and lungs. Rose Quartz also works in dispelling fears.

🤍 Selenite
Best known for it's purifying qualities Selenite Cleanses and detoxifies while purifying the body with it's healing white light energy while removing heavy metals and strengthening the immune system. It is believed Selenite as the ability to regenerate cells. Selenite is also an emotional healer, aiding to heal emotional wounds and break negative and behavioral patterns, reinvigorating the physical body as well as bringing balance back into your life.

💚 Malachite
Malachite may stimulate your immune system, this is essential to the treatment and repair of cellular and DNA structures. Malachite has a calming effect on both the mind and body helping relieve anxiety. Malachite also strengthens your intuition, helping to bring about a peace of mind and serenity by focusing on the good in life. This crystal promotes order out of chaos by strengthening your intuition and helping with the decision-making process.

🤎 Smoky Quartz
Out with the old and in with the new, starting over is a process and while it might be hard you will come out refreshed and ready to take on anything. Smoky Quartz is extremely grounding, it offers a strong connection between the root and mind-body balance. This beautiful stone brings about deep healing energies that can help heal ovarian, abdomen, and all forms of cancer such as lumps and cysts.

💛 Citrine
While Citrine is best known for luck, success and dispelling negative energies, it is also very powerful in strengthening the immune system. Yet it also provides restorative properties for the body and could even be effective in reversing degenerative diseases like cancer. Citrine is great for energizing your surroundings and bringing peace to your home.

🧡 Tigers Eye
Tiger's Eye is both a protector and grounder, It aids in increasing vitality and strength, and restoring balance to the body on all levels. Tiger's Eye is also believed to bring good luck to it's wearer.

Disclaimer - Our Talisman Is In NO WAY Intended To Be A Cure or Treatment. It is ONLY intended to be a support for anyone going through a cancer diagnosis, treatment/recovery. Please continue with your medical plan/treatment as advised by your health care professional.

Please Note - Photographs Are For Illustration Purposes Only, Each Talisman Will Have It's Own Unique Crystals Which Will Differ From Those Pictured. Each Talisman Pouch Is Made From Recycled Sari's Each Bag Is Unique and May Also Differ From Those Pictured.

Handmade @ Onyx Castle
Talismans Can Be Made To Order, Please Contact Us For More Information.
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