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Pink Om Diffuser Locket

Pink Om Diffuser Locket

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Om is defined by Hindu scripture as being the primordial sound of creation. It is the original vibration of the universe. Representing the union of mind, body, and spirit. In the Chakra Om, it is connected to Ajna Chakra, the third eye which represents intuition and self-knowledge.

The use of aromatic essentials oils has been used in aroma therapy to improve the health of the mind body and spirit. It is believed to have both physical and emotional health benefits. Our aroma therapy diffuser lockets make carrying your oils while on the go both simple and easy.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil/blend or perfume to the felt pad to take your favourite scent or aroma therapy wherever you may roam.

Our aroma therapy diffuser lockets come in many styles and colours and make great gifts for anyone.

Silver Chain Included, Locket Approx. 20mm

Replacement felt pads are available, please contact us for availability.

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