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Onyx Castle

Onyx Castle's Christmas Crystal Kit

Onyx Castle's Christmas Crystal Kit

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Great For Personal Use, To Get You Through The Christmas Holidays Or As A Gift For A Friend or Special Someone.

Please Note: Photos Are Provided For Illustration Purposes Only, Actual Product May Differ Due To Variations In The Crystals.

Each Bag Contains:
💎Quartz Crystal
Known as the “Crystal of Power”, Quartz Is the Most Powerful Multi-Purpose Healing Crystal. Quartz Is an Excellent Healing Crystal Due to Its Ability to Absorb and Transmit Energies. Promoting A Natural Harmony Within the Mind & Body.

Aventurine Attracts Prosperity & Wealth. Its Power Lies with The Ability to Release Negative Patterns and Promote Growth, Enhancing Creativity, Motivation & Leadership skills. Green Aventurine Also Promotes Harmony & Balance Between the Emotional, Intellectual and Physical Realms.

💎Tiger Eye
For Generating Strength & Courage to Fight Off the Negative Forces. Also Aids to Bring About a Calm, Harmonious State Both Physical and Mentally. Tiger eye promotes an optimistic attitude and can be worn as a talisman of luck.

💎Lapis Lazuli
Regarded as The Crystal for Wisdom, Lapis Lazuli Aid Releasing Energies the Activate the Higher Mind to Drive the Desire for Truth & Understanding. Also Aids in Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Awareness. Lapis May Also Strengthens Connections Between the Physical and Spiritual Realms.

The Crystal for Aspiration & Ambition, Goldstone Increases Motivation, Confidence and Courage. Promoting A Positive Out Look on Life. Goldstone Is Often Used as A Protective Talisman Due to Its Ability to Deflect Negative Energies While Maintaining A Calm and Tranquil State.
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