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Onyx Castle

Onyx Castle Spell Caster Starter Kit

Onyx Castle Spell Caster Starter Kit

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We’ve put together this magic starter kit with everything you need to banish and cleanse away negative energy.

Your Kit Contains:
1 Small Cast Iron Cauldron
1 Pack Black Spell Candles
1 White Sage Torch
1 Palo Santo Stick
1 Selenite Rod

Cauldrons are used for a myriad of purposes when it comes to Wicca and Witchcraft, both beginners and experts a like witches will agree a good sturdy cauldron is a must have in any box of magical tools.

Not sure how to use your cauldron? Our cauldrons are made from cast iron which means you can burn loose incense and resin on charcoal discs to make black salt which is useful for banishing rituals. You may also choose to use your cauldron for mixing herbs or burning spell papers. Always be sure to use your cauldron on a fireproof and sturdy surface and keep naked flames free from curtains and other combustibles. Never leave your fully fueled cauldron unattended.

You may choose to burn your sage and palo santo in your cauldron to perform a smudging ceremony purifying or cleansing a place or person from negative energy, your black spell candles can be used in many different spells and rituals for banishing, endings and cord cuttings. Black candles absorb and destroy negative energy.

Your selenite rod is a powerful tool and healing crystal, it will promote peace and calm as well as mental clarity and well-being. It is believed the selenite can remove negative energy from your environment allowing you to connect to a higher realm.

Please Note - Photos are for illustration purposes only.  Actual product may differ due to variations in the crystals and natural materials.

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