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Onyx Castle

Obsidian Dachshund

Obsidian Dachshund

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In Celtic mythology, the dachshund became an important symbol, believed that the distinctive shape of these dogs, particularly their short legs meant they possessed magical powers to be able to wriggle through narrow passageways that other animals couldn’t reach. 

Throughout Both Western and Eastern Cultures The Dachshund As Been Symbolic Perseverance & Strength. Carved From Obsidian To Provide The Same Protection From Negativity.

Exquisitely Carved Obsidian Dachshund, You Will Receive The Exact Carving As Pictured.

Measures Approx. 6cm x 4cm x 3cm
Weight Approx. 54grams

Perfect For The Crystal Loving Dachshund Owner or Lover In Your Life.
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