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Lepidolite Heart

Lepidolite Heart

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Lepidolite for Emotional Balance, Transition & Calming

Crystals are carved into hearts to represent love, our heart and connect to the energy of our heart Chakra. Often used by placing over this Chakra in healing work.

Crystal hearts may aid in attracting love or a new relationship. Heart crystals may also aid in healing wounds of the heart and emotions. They may also aid in attracting loving energies and help balance relationships.

These small hearts are ideal for use in crystal grids or carried with you to take their energy wherever you go.

Each Lepidolite Heart Measures Approx. 3cm
Average Weight Approx. 14grams

Please Note - Photos are for illustration purposes only.  Actual product may differ due to variations in the crystals. You will receive one (1) heart intuitively chosen for you.

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