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Leather Bound Notebook With Citrine

Leather Bound Notebook With Citrine

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Citrine for Abundance, Confidence & Strength

Anchor - The anchor also symbolizes safety, security, confidence, hope, stability, good luck and consistent strength. Anchor also represents overcoming adversity and being resilient.
Compass - Compasses represent motivation and inspiration. As a symbol, the compass signifies bringing motivation to a person feeling lost. It gives a sense of hope and inspires you to follow your heart and your rightful path. Also, compasses always point North, a direction which symbolizes progress, betterment and inspiration.
Ships Wheel - Direction and Navigation – The ship's wheel is a symbol of finding your path regardless of troubled or stormy waters. Like the compass, it's a symbol of always finding your way.

This notebook would make an ideal travel journal but could easily be used for any purpose with its blank pages its uses are limited only to your imagination, Perhaps a diary or journal even a grimoire or somewhere to write your notes or thoughts.

Leather Bound Note Books – Approx. 10cm x 14.5
Spiral Bound – Plain Replaceable Recycled Paper Pages
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