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Onyx Castle

High Quality Double Terminated Fluorite Point

High Quality Double Terminated Fluorite Point

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Fluorite for Intuition, Protection & Intellect

Double terminated crystals have a termination (face or point) at each end; these are either naturally occurring or carved. Double termination allows the crystals energy to flow in either direction.

Double terminated crystals are often used to ease energies into a balance. During chakra healing a chakra maybe overactive or under active placing a double terminated crystal between the two chakras can restore balance.

Holding these crystals between your hands and feet during meditation will allow the energy to run through your body.

Double Terminated crystals are also very useful for crystal grids and mandalas.

You will receive the exact crystal pictured. Measuring approx. 44mm and weighing approx. This little crystal would be the ideal addition to any crystal grid or tucked into a pocket to make use of those personal protection energies.

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