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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

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Herkimer Diamond for Unity, Inner Peace & Balance

Herkimer diamonds are great for us in meditation, assisting in attuning to both the astral realm to the physical realm. This crystal will raise your telepathic abilities and allow better communication with your spirit guides, it is also believed they have the ability to increase clairvoyant abilities due to their high frequency. Herkimer diamonds are ideal for use in crystal grids also.

You will receive the exact Herkimer Diamond as pictured in its rough condition, totally untouched no polishing or finishing. Inclusions are unknown but could be petroleum, dolomite, anthraxolite as examples. Measurements are approximate and taken from longest, widest point. Great collector pieces for any collection.

Weight Approx. 5.2grams
Dimensions At Largest Points Approx. 23mm x 16mm

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