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Onyx Castle

Black Cat & Skull Earrings

Black Cat & Skull Earrings

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Depending on the era and the culture, the mystery of black cats as long had conflicting symbolism. In both Scotland and Ireland, black cats were generally held in high regard their arrival was believed to bring prosperity on the house. Germans say that a Black Cat walking toward you or crossing left to right grants wishes. However many cultures particularly in the Western world superstitions riff, the black cat was the witch’s familiar & represented bad luck, including potential death.

While skulls are often associated with death and mortality they are in many beliefs symbols of luck. Skulls are believed to have the power to ward off disease and protect wearers from different forms of evil spirits.

Earrings -
Enamel & Alloy Metal
Approx. 43mm Including Hook
Plastic Back Stoppers Included

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