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Australian Amethyst Mix Chips

Australian Amethyst Mix Chips

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Amethyst for Protection, Purification & Spirituality

Crystal chips are so diverse they can be used for decoration placed in a beautiful bowl on a table or altar. For meditation, run your fingers through the chips to help clear your mind and cleanse your aura.  If you are crafty with your hands the possibility for use in all kinds of crafts are endless. Candle making, Crystal chips may also be used for healing purposes and witchcraft or just simple rituals.  Try scattering some chips around your plants to share their healing qualities with your indoor garden or scatter some in the hole before planting new plants in the garden for a boost.  

Each bag contains 100grams of Australian Amethyst mix chips lightly polished and non drilled.

Please Note - photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may differ due to variations in the crystals.
While predominately Amethyst this mix does contain other Australian Crystals in The Mix. Selenite moon bowl is not included. While we take care to measure each bag accurately there maybe +/- difference in weight due to slight variations between scales.

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