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Owl Aroma Diffuser Car Hanger

Owl Aroma Diffuser Car Hanger

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The owl has long been a symbol of wisdom, intuition and supernatural powers. Seeing an owl is thought to represent a symbolic life transformation or change. Owls also symbolise independent thinking and observant listening.

The use of aromatic essentials oils has been used in aroma therapy to improve the health of the mind body and spirit. It is believed to have both physical and emotional health benefits. Our aroma diffuser car hangers make it easy to emerge yourself in your favourite aromas while commuting.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil/blend or perfume to the felt pad and hang on your rear vision mirror as any air freshener. Reusable which means no waste, You can change the scent whenever you like. Replacement felt pads are available, please contact us for availability.

One Only Available
Length Approx. 25.5cm
Diffuser Locket Approx. 27mm
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