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Onyx Castle

Amethyst Heart

Amethyst Heart

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Amethyst For Protection, Purification & Spirituality

Crystals are carved into hearts to represent love, our heart and connect to the energy of our heart Chakra. Often used by placing over this Chakra in healing work. Crystal hearts may aid in attracting love or a new relationship. Heart crystals may also aid in healing wounds of the heart and emotions. Crystal hearts can attract loving energies and help balance relationships.

This Amethyst Heart is a true collectors piece, The combination of crystal points ranging from clear almost smoky through black and the truly unique and rare stalactite flowering and what appears to be Green Amethyst or Prasiolite around the edges... Honestly the photographs of this piece do by no means justice to the depth and deep inclusions this piece offers. Really something to best experience in person, You will not be disappointed if you are the lucky person to give this crystal it's forever home.

Approx. Weight 424grams
Measures Approx. 8cm x 9.5cm

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