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Onyx Castle

High Grade Prophecy Stone

High Grade Prophecy Stone

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All The Way from The Egyptian Desert regions of The Sahara and Libyan Desert We Bring You a Very Rare and Unique Stone Known as Prophecy Stones...

Prophecy Stones Are Known to Be One of The Most Powerful Grounding Stones, Able to Bring Spiritual Light Energy into The Body. The Name Prophecy Stones Comes About After the Australian Man Who Discovered Them Claimed to Experienced Prophetic Visions While Meditating with One. It Is Believed Those Who Meditate Regularly with Prophecy Stones Receive Such Visions.

Both a Curiosity for The Spiritual Minded Attributing Them with The Power of Transformation and Fortune-Telling but Also Avid Crystal Collectors and Geologists Alike.

You Will Receive The Exact Prophecy Stone As Pictured, Measurements Are Given As A Guide Only.

Weight Approx. 33mm x 35mm
Measures Approx. 28.13grams

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